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Friday, July 22, 2011

Until I Met Her

Life formed a vastly endless ocean
Of quiet rage and calm deceit
Until I met her.
“How long must I wait in darkness?”
I cried in my heart
Until I met her.
Like rain that fills the ocean,
Rain when fleeting vapors fill the skies with tenebrosity
And the earth with shifting shadows,
My soul was full of tears
Until I met her.
“You will not love her!”
They raged,
Raged like storms
Like ocean storms that flee the sunlight.
“You will not love her!”
They held,
Held on to their son
As a son who would have died.
But as the immortal Son fears no mortal man,
And pursues all;
Filling the deepest hate with shinning love,
So the illuminating sun fears no murky mist,
And pursues all;
Filling the darkest hole with golden light.
So she filled my empty soul
With the smell of fresh rain.
For she led me out of the haze;
It was the beloved, leading the beloved.
It was sealed
With the shinning, golden bow.

Copyright © 2011 David S. Robinson. Any part of this work may be transmitted, preformed or otherwise used in any form, so long as 1) I am clearly identified as the author, 2) a link or URL to this site is included, and 3) no changes are made without my prior written consent.

p.s. Feel free to comment on anything you liked or didn't like. :)

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