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Monday, August 8, 2011

Transcript from a Discusion about Church History Part Four

P: “Most of them will burn in Hell; some will be told ‘go and sin no more,’ but most will burn in Hell.”
K: “Mmm…So, let’s talk about Hell.”
P: “Hell is the place of eternal torment described by the prophet Dante. Most people spend time, a lot, you know, the torments…and, never…yes, there is the fire, and the brimstone and the locusts, but what’s important is who is going to…going. Sinners and liars, idolators and adulterers, pagans, freaks, false gods, sodomists, whores, the rebellious, the unchurched, abominators. It’s just, you don’t want that.”
K: “Yes, and all those people are aod.”
P: “The seventy-third Universal Council defined entrance with aod.”
K: “Yes, and thankfully there is an aod list.”

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