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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Transcript from a Discusion about Church History Part Two

P: “So, when a lot of the Protestant leaders were being jailed—“
K: “Come on, you know they didn’t do it.”
P: “The, uh, ‘reformers’ or the Church?”
K: “Look, there was this great synergy between the Eastern and Western Rites.”
P: “Right. Especially with the writings of Dr….,uh…”
K: “Wright?”
P: “Wright!”
K: “Right. So, what about the Rites?”
P: “Well, he said in his theological treatise, Concerning the Right God.
K: “HAHahahaha…”
P: “…”
K: “Go on, sorry.”
P: “Well he said, like Luther, he said ‘what of the Greek Christians?’ which was eventually formalized as the Sixth Sola ‘Sola Ecclesia.’”
K: “Yes, and that whole section of Right God is really enlightening, particularly in regards to doctrinal disputes.
P: “I especially love his words on synods and councils.
K: “Yes, Wright really brought a lot to the table in bringing the Church back to its primitive roots and to the primitive testimony of Jesus Christ and of the Apostles.”
P: “Now, that also became, was included in the Universal Catechism, starting with the Twelve Solas and the Apostles Creed, and later a third-century document entitled The Teachings of the Apostles.

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