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Monday, July 11, 2011

Excerpt from a Tract on God's Name

Where d- v-wels c-me fr-m? It may suprise s-me -f my Christian br-thers wh- arn't aware -f the Jewish faith that v-wels are anti-christ! The creat-r's alphabet has n- v-wels! V-wels are a pagan inventi-n! The KJV says in Leviticus 10:1-2: "And Nadab and Abihu, the s-ns -f Aar-n, t--k either -f them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense there-n, and -ffered strange fire bef-re the L-RD, which he c-mmanded them n-t. And there went -ut fire fr-m the L-RD, and dev-ured them, and they died bef-re the L-RD."
V-wels are a strange fire that the L-rd did n-t c-mmand! It is c-mm-n, undisputed and undesputable kn-wlege that the -riginal alphabet -f the creat-r (ancient pale--Hebrew) was an abjad (n- v-wels) and we are being dev-ured by the strange v-wels that G-d never intended! V-wels were invented by the pagan Greeks, yet th-se wh- call themselves christian use pagan v-wels!

All v-wels are pagan, but the w-rst -f all is the "O." The "O" c-mes fr-m the pagan Egyptian letter Ir which represents an eye. The KJV says in Pr-verbs 10:10 "He that winketh with the eye causeth s-rr-w: but a prating f--l shall fall." We cause s-rr-w winking with the "O" in -ur writings. Remember Jesus said in Matthew 18:9 "And if thine eye -ffend thee, pluck it -ut, and cast it fr-m thee: it is better f-r thee t- enter int- life with -ne eye, rather than having tw- eyes t- be cast int- hell fire." While it w-uld be better t- rem-ve ALL v-wels fr-m -ur lives, we must pluck -ut the "O" if we want t- enter int- life!

What is the creat-r's name? We call Him L-rd, but that is n-t his name. That is a title. His name is G-d. S-me spell "L-rd" and "G-d" with v-wels, but y-u will n-t -ffer strange fire bef-re Him! The L-rd G-d demands H-liness! Y-u will n-t take the L-rd's name in vain. Th-se wh- use v-wels are breaking the sec-nd c-mmandment! Y-u w-uld n-t bring a gun t- sch--l -r a g-vernment building, thus breaking the sec-nd ammendment, w-uld y-u? s- why w-uld y-u break the sec-nd c-mmandment, calling the L-rd strange names by using v-wels? And they use the w-rst -f all, the "O"; The KJV says in Mark 3:29 "But he that shall blaspheme against the H-ly Gh-st hath never f-rgiveness, but is in danger -f eternal damnati-n." Using pagan v-wels in the Ha'Shem (sacred names), especially the "O," is blaspheming the H-ly Spirit! G-uge -ut the "O"s!!

S-, h-w are the Ha'Shem (The sacred names) t- be pr-n-unced? S-me pr-n-unce them strangely with pagan v-wels, but they are c-rrectly spelled "G-d" and "L-rd," with-ut v-wels. S-, h-w are they pr-n-unced with-ut v-wels? T- make the c-rrect Christian pr-n-unciati-n and n-t break the sec-nd c-mmandment, as with all language, the t-ngue is imp-rtant. The pr-n-unciati-n is very simallar f-r all the -ther letters. F-r the v-weless part, place y-ur t-ngue firmly int- y-ur cheek. That is the c-rrect pr-n-unciati-n -f the Ha'Shem (sacred names).

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