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Thursday, June 30, 2011

That Old Building

Some say that old building is haunted; others say that the figure seen inside is just the custodian. Whatever the figure is, a ghost or a janitor, I don't know, but I will tell of another version I heard from my pastor. "That old building" I mentioned is the one with the steeple, the stained glass, and the pews. That figure seen, according to my pastor, is God. On Sunday, God is in His prime. He fellowships with His children; He speaks through the pastor; once in a while he'll even work a miracle (as long as there's time in the schedule). Come Monday, however, everyone's gone, and He's left all alone. It's not that He doesn't want to be with them, but the disturbing truth is...

God is trapped in that old building! He can't get out! Some say He's there to protect Him from the outside; others say He's there by some command; still others say that the building itself has such a power that even God cannot escape. Whatever the reason, try as He may to go through a door, a window, or a wall, He cannot get out.

On Tuesday, a group of men is praying; they need answers fast, but God's ears are too dull to hear them. Perhaps if they'd come inside. On Wednesday, God sees some passers by. He cries to them, but the immense walls muffle His words, and the stained glass distorts His visage. They don't know whom He is. On Thursday, a woman prays in her house; she desperately needs healing, but God's arms are too short to save her, trapped in that old building. On Friday, two teens are trying to study the scriptures; they want to know God, but He's not in the Bible; He's in that old building. They can't hear Him through the walls. By Saturday, God gives up on trying to escape and waits for Sunday to come.

On Sunday, everyone comes back; they've all missed God so much that they make a decision: "Let's have our service here every day!" Consequently, most of them have to abandon their families and jobs, but God doesn't mind, because He was lonely all by Himself in that old building.

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