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Friday, August 5, 2011

Transcript from a Discusion about Church History Part One

P: “Everyone was super shocked when the Pope stepped down.”
K: “Yeah, and that was, what, fifty years ago – gosh.”
P: “I know; people who weren’t alive just can’t imagine what it was like before that.”
K: “OK, I don’t want to get too much into that ancient history; we discussed that at length earlier, but—“
P: “But you can’t understand these events without knowing those; that’s why when the Anglican and Catholic churches reunited—“
K: “Sort of buried the incense burner.”
P: “Yes. When they reunited, a lot of the focus shifted on to the Archbishop of Canterbury. A lot about whether…what he was doing, or what with this authority, and so on.”
K: “Right.”
P: “But that’s why the Protestant churches were very leery about the Church.”
K: “Even though some of them had began to coalesce already with things like the Reformation Counsel.”
P: “Yes, and Reformation II especially.”
K: “Ah, you’re getting a bit ahead; tell us about the Third Great Awakening.”

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