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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Transcript from a Discusion about Church History Part Three

K: “That’s why chicken should never be used in religious ceremonies.”
P: “No, exactly. That’s…that’s what. It’s just like those snake handlers.”
K: “Well, that was outlawed years ago as a heresy, along with animal sacrifice.”
P: “And chickens are becoming passé.”
K: “Well, it was mostly the rural, backwoods pagan areas that were using chickens like that anyway.”
P: “But I think codifying the Christian observances and holidays helped a lot with bringing churches into the mainstream of orthodoxy.”
K: “Yes, it’s so nice that Christians every where are coming to unity in the faith and unity in the knowledge of Jesus.”
P: It’s so nice celebrating the same traditional holidays that the early Christians celebrated…Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, God Pride Day, and also worshipping the way they did.”
K: “Well do you remember when those Judaizers were trying to remove the ham from the Easter service? The ham has been a part of the Easter celebration since at least the time of Nero. It’s what the disciples called the ‘love feast.’”
P: “Wasn’t that odd? Trying to remove the ham?”

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