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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Toasty Bed

George was a very patient man. So patient, in fact, that he rarely got up in the morning. One day he awoke to the smell of his wife’s toast, which is odd because she had left him many years ago. The toast was then burning, and George quickly realized that is was not toast, but a small fire.

“It’s only a small fire,” he yawned. Back to bed.

As the fire grew hot he gave a pause. Ah! He thought, free heating! He would have a lower gas bill this month, he reasoned.

Eventually he accepted the sweating heat and hacking smoke, it just seemed normal now. His bed soon caught fire. ah, a nice toasty bed.

When the house had totally burned down and he was totally burned (yet he had miraculously survived), the fire department finally arrived. As he sat in the hospital covered in bandages he asked the nurse “why are hospitals always so cold?” She shrugged.

“I miss my toasty bed,” he said with a sigh.

Copyright © 2011 David S. Robinson. Any part of this work may be transmitted, preformed or otherwise used in any form, so long as 1) I am clearly identified as the author, 2) a link or URL to this site is included, and 3) no changes are made without my prior written consent.

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